Identity theft affects millions of Americans each year. At WSB, we take the privacy and security of our customers’ information very seriously. That is why we have partnered with United Bankers’ Bank to offer a credit monitoring and restoration service called ID TheftSmartTM

ID TheftSmartTM provides protection, detection and restoration of your identity. ID TheftSMart helps safeguard your identity and actively helps you fight back if it’s ever stolen. It provides continuous credit monitoring to alert you to any potential problems of suspicious activity. You will also have exclusive access to your own experienced, licensed investigator in the event you think you’re at risk, or discover that your identity is compromised. 

Choose from three ID TheftSmart protection memberships*: 

Option One – Very basic package – This is a household coverage that provides only ID Theft Counseling and Restoration. The monitoring is done by the customer but basic help is offered for counseling and restoration. This service costs $3.00 a month. 

Option Two – A single bureau monitoring service that monitors your information reported to Experian. If a change is made to your credit report (new tradeline, late payment, credit inquiry, change of address, etc.), you will be notified by either e-mail or physical mail (your choice). If you believe the change to your credit report is fraudulent, you will have access to a licensed investigator who will help you restore your credit. This service costs $6.00 a month. 

Option Three – Monitors all three credit bureaus (Experian Equifax and TransUnion), as well as any changes to your physical address, “public persona” (aliases, employers, etc.), or any activity on the Dark Web. You also have access to a licensed investigator. This option costs $8.00 per month. 

To enroll, contact or visit any of our locations, or click the button below to download and fill out the form from your laptop or PC. Once the form is filled out, please return it to any Westside State Bank location or scan or e-mail to [email protected]